Water Feature Project Mastery - 12 Weeks Online Course

Every week a new topic. Do it in 12 weeks or when ever you want after the 12 the weeks because you keep access to all lessons for lifetime! Learn all you need to know to buid secure and relieable waterwalls and thread fountains like these...




This is what you learn:

Week #1: Plan your Water Feature Project

You relax and you save time and money, because you are prepared.

Week #2: Safety, Circulations and Piping

Avoid water damages and use the best strategy for your pipes.

Week #3: Six Different Water Distributions

Make the waves look awesome and harmonic.

Week #4: Glass, Stone, Steel, Mesh, Plastic

Hydrophilic or hydrophobic? Resistant or weak?

Week #5: Thread Fountain

Build giant water features with fascinating effects.

Week #6: Pumping Technology

Save money and power and reduce noise.

Week #7: Water Treatment 1

Automatic filling and lime protection.

Week #8: Water Treatment 2

Dirt filtering and water additives.

Week #9: Illumination and Planning Drawing

Embellish with light. Use free 3D software to see what you build.

Week #10: Construction Drawings

Solidworks, PDF, DWG,DXF sample blueprints.

Week #11: Production, Testing and Installing

Co it step by step and enjoy the result. 

Week #12: Maintenance

Keep your water feature clean and safe with minimum effort.


BONUS #1: 
Glass Waterwall Mastery Course

10 Video Lessons including PDF-Plans, Table and Checklists. Get Installing Glass Waterwalls to the highest possible standard with the help of this Mastery Course!

You get this bonus at the beginning of your first month =  immediately after you have subscribed.


How to be successful with indoor waterfalls. This Water Feature Guide has been specifically put together to help You start a successful waterwall business whilst avoiding the mistakes that could damage your reputation and waste your money.

BONUS #3: 

Get the best Products and Suppliers for Water Technology, Thread Fountain Components, Materials, Illumination and Green Walls.

BONUS #4: 
90min EXTRA Planning Support + Plan on Demand 

Get all the help you need from us. Send us your plans and drawings and we will review them, so you save time and money + Blueprints PDFs, DXF, DWG and 3D Files similar to your project

BONUS #5: 

3 Months Free Access to the Community. Evolve, Earn and Share in the Worldwide #1 Circle for Waterwall Developers.

"At the Fraunhofer Institute for construction Physics, we have developed a patent for cooling and dehumidification of the indoor air with water walls. For our research in this area, we have found valuable information on water distribution and water treatment at Wawazen."

Christoph Mitterer
Chief Engineer, Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics IBP

"I’ve been building fountains for almost 27 years, but you never stop learning! I have found valuable information and sources at Wawazen, especially in the water technology and thread nozzle technology. I am currently building a 10m high fountain for a shopping mall in Austria – the assistance of Mr. Retek saved me a lot of time and the cooperation is pleasant"

Franz Weiss
Brunnenatelier Weiss

"As an artist, I have already created several water features. With the help of Wawazen and Markus Retek, I was able to solve a time-consuming problem quickly and got a lot of valuable information on planning and water technology … and I could already contribute a few innovations for Wawazen!"

Tilo Tscheulin
Tilo Tscheulin - Sculpturing and Art

"As an engineer, it is good to be able to exchange ideas with other professionals. Wawazen offers a comprehensive compendium of practical knowledge. This saves time and money – absolutely recommendable."

Gerd Kaaspari
4A Edelstahl-Team Münsterland GmbH

"With Wawazen, we have built an automatic water wall for our customers. The customer is enthusiastic – we are satisfied. What more could you want? The next projects are already in initiation."

Ralf Wackertapp
Wackertapp Fliesen- und Natursteinhandel GmbH

"The plans were so good that we could mount our water wall without problems. Our customer is happy and wants to have the water wall at the next booth. With the plans of Wawazen we have saved roughly about 2,000 euros."

Patric Hesse
Exhibition Service Hesse

"We have realized two automatic thread fountains with Wawazen. I as a stainless steel engineer and my brother as an installer have optimal conditions for well construction. Every now and then Mr. Retek sends an inquiry to us from Switzerland, which we then look after."

Rolf Boss
Stainless Steel Meta Bau GmbH

About Markus

Helping You getting successful with waterwalls!

Markus Retek started his career as a physiotherapist and came across Waterwalls when a friend installed asked him to help him selling water features in 2001. 2008 he started focusing on custom made automatic Waterwall projects.

After growing the business over a number of years Markus' managed to get all work done in house as well as hiring more than a dozen employees. It's not been all smooth sailing though, Markus has seen all the issues, and made all the mistakes, that can come up when running a Waterwall business.

This gave Markus his mission, to help other entrepreneurs with their water feature businesses. He aims to help you start or grow your business, learning from his knowledge, experience and successes as well as his mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get them immediately after you sign in.

You have 30-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee, wich means you have no risk if you subscribe today!

The Water Feature Mastery Course contains 13 Categories and more then 60 topics

The Glass Waterwall Mastery Course contains 5 categories and 17 topics

Markus has developed more then 170 different waterwall projects and he will support you with your project in the best way he can. 

In the Waterwall Devlopers Playground, wich is a online platform to share and communicate with waterwall developers you can also learn or help others.

If you want to proceed faster we can offer you access to specific or all the courses at once. 

Please contact Markus via [email protected] if you would like to get a custom offer for faster proceeding.

Also you can hire Markus on a hourly base, wich can include plans on demand or custom drawings for you. 

Oh yes sure! Please contact us at [email protected] and tell us your previous purchase and that you want to join the Waterwall Developers. We will send you a discount coupon code within 1-2 days.

Yes, you can download the free Kajabi App wich makes it very comfortable to consume the lessons with your mobile phone.

You keep access for lifetime!

Ya sure. You dont have to do the lessons every week. Just do them when you have time. After 12 weeks all the lessons are available for you and you have all your life time to watch the lessons :) 


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