Why are SPA & Wellness using indoor water falls?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

Why does water have a positive effect on space…?

Why do we feel immediately comfortable near running water…?

What effect does it have on our mind…?


It is stored in our genes that water lets us survive, that water is a “friend”. Human life is impossible without water, and many times in history, man would strive to get access to water. Today, we don’t have that problem, as it is running in our taps, but our soul still remembers… If you don’t believe in soul, you can think of the reptilian brain, which is a part of human brain, which can sense danger or escape far quicker than intellect. That is why we feel automatically well near water. And if you feel good you can relax deeper and connect better with your inner self.


There are also purely material reasons. Running water cleanses and moisturizes the air, creating a healthy indoor climate. That can be especially important during the cold season, because flu viruses multiply rapidly in dry air. With today’s technology, water walls can run automatically up to 6 months on its own without maintenance. Unlike fountain and water objects, water walls can be space-saving yet still be impressive when installed. Without lime, algae or bacteria, this beautiful eye-catcher makes no problem, but accomplishes a lot of work.

Glistening water waves on glass, stone or stainless steel do not splatter nor make noise. A well-planned lighting enhances the effect. As a room divider, glass water walls are particularly well suited. They offer a visual cover, light transmissivity, and at the same time they beautify and revive the area.

Ultimately, a water wall is a piece of nature. According to surveys, water is one of the most important elements when it comes to wellness. This means that most people often associate wellness directly with water.

Therefore, walls of water are used in hotel spas and quiet zones in order to create a refreshing, yet relaxing atmosphere. The view of waves calmly and steadily passing through the surface binds attention and gives the mind a short rest – just as listening to the sounds of a river or a stream can have a harmonising effect.


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