Benefit #3 of Water Walls

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Benefit number 3 is that water walls cleans the air from dust, fine dust and smog, like for example car exhausts. This is a big benefit, because if you live in a city where you have smog, which means fine dust pollution in the air, then this can affect your health. And water walls can clean the air from such fine dust, because this fine dust then is melting into the water and, yeah, you have clean air. You can measure that, so all the dirt, also in the office which come out of laser printers, will dissolve into the water and, yeah, you have cleaner air. So, this is, I think, a very big benefit.

Today many people don't know the air washing functions of water walls. Because actually water walls are also used in colouring companies, where they use those chemical colors those water walls clean the air after that and they're also used in stone manufacturing companies, when they cut the stones then they have fine dust and then they use water walls to remove the dust from the air. So, I think it's a very big benefit. It's not only that they're beautiful and they're attracting customers, they're really cleaning the air.

And not only fine dust and smog and pollution and etc., also cigarette smoke. I have a customer, who told me that they have had an event with a couple of dozen people and many of them they smoked outside in a room where there was also a water wall. But the next morning you could not smell anything of the smoke, because all the smoke dust was dissolved into the water. The downside of that was that all the water got yellow, so they had to change the water. So, it's a very big benefit. You can clean the air, you can wash the air from dust, smoke and smog, but you have to have a good filtering system. So, yeah, I hope this was something new for you and if you want to go deeper into that, please subscribe to my channel or visit and register for free.

We'll show you how to build secure, beautiful and air washing water walls. And we'll also show you, how to filter the water so that you don't have so much work with that. Because, you know, you have washed the air, but then you have the dirt in the water and this makes your water wall ugly. So, yeah, it's very important to have a good filtering systems and I will be glad to help you with that. See you soon and thank you, bye-bye.


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