Designer & Waterwall Developer Robert Shows Ring Waterfall Fountain

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Markus: Hello, my name is Markus. I'm the founder of Wawazen and I'm pleased to welcome Robert Fechtmann from Florida here who is a business partner of Wawazen and who has invented and created a really unique water feature which we will take a look at in a few minutes. But maybe first Robert, would you please tell us who are you and what are you doing?

Robert: Okay. Hi everyone. My name is Robert. I'm a product designer. I went to school for product design and I just always saw water walls are really cool. So I wanted to make my own but I wanted to do it a bit differently than having just a square wall. So I kind of came up with a new way to disperse the water with a sheet. So I have this kind of uniquely shaped water wall and Markus is helping me with building a business around it.

Markus: Wow, you know what Robert, I think everybody who's just started watching this video. He just sees two guys and he sees you like a designer you know what you're talking about. The people don't know yet how it's looking like you know, maybe they've seen it. So I like this kind of tension which is maybe right now. So before we show the water feature you have created and designed, let me just ask, how was it to design it? So did you have just in your mind or what was it a challenge to create it or what was the challenge in creating it?

Robert: Yes, it took a while to come up with a way to get the water to flow slowly down the wall while being encompassed in the shape of a circle that I came up with. I knew I wanted to do something involving a custom water fountain because I saw the prices they would sell for and I just thought that it was really interesting how most of them were custom-made. But to stand out from what other companies were doing, I knew I want to do kind of a different shape. So probably over a period of six months, I did a lot of testing to come up with something that actually work that disperses the water correctly and just run consistently and overall look good.

Markus: Six months! Okay, okay. Wow, if you would have met earlier maybe it would have taken only one month but that's another story.

Robert: Yeah, the problem with me, I can just really go to the hardware store and buy the materials used to test it out. I kind of have to wait for something to come in the mail, try it. If it didn't work, I had to buy something else and wait for it to come the mail. So there's kind of a lot of trial and error. But yeah, if I had someone I could probably do a bit faster, yeah. It has some timely techniques that I don't think other companies could have really taught me how to do. I kind of had to come up with my own way to get it to work.

Markus: Which is by the way still a secret. So I don't know how you did it and I didn't ask you by the way. I'm curious, I admit it, but you know that's not why we were here. Anyway, maybe one day, you will tell me how it works but it works and I think that's the most important thing. So yeah, we are introducing your unique ring of water. What is the benefit of it? Why is it so great? If somebody wants to have it.

Robert: I think what was most interesting about it is the fact that most people see a square shape against the wall for most of these water walls and they look nice and they fit pretty well with the architecture of the building, they’re in just most you know just are straight walls if they're put up against. But I wanted to do something that everyone would stop and look at it as they walk past. I know a regular water wall would get attention but something like this is kind of even more interesting to people because they wonder how was that really done because it kind of looks like the largest floating within a shape. So I just want to make something I was gonna draw a lot of attention basically so people could put it in the lobby of a hotel or business and just everyone walking by you know take a look at it.

Markus: Yeah, I think that's a good point. It's drawing attention. Where attention flows or and their energy flow. So if you have it in a hotel or in a store, it definitely will increase the amount of attention that location is going to receive. I think we've been talking for a couple of minutes. We should show a little bit of your incredible work. So let me go and do some screen sharing here. Yeah, this is by the way, the website which you should visit There you can find Robert again explaining the ring of water. Let us show you this beautiful ring of water in his full glory. Robert, so where did you make this photo?

Robert: This photo is at my parents’ house. Kind of a nice setting I thought for kind of a custom looking fountain.

Markus: Yeah, it's really good photo. I find it a good photo because the light is it's pretty sharp and nice surrounding and it really comes out nice. It looks like the Stargate and you didn't know what the Stargate is. I had to explain it last time but yeah. So everybody who likes a Stargate, this fountain actually should be named Stargate fountain but okay as you are the creator it's name is ring of water and we're going to stick to it. So okay, let's go on. Okay, this is from the side. It’s not so sharp but what you can see is we have a pretty nice bottom tank with some cool octagons or is it hexagons.

Robert: I think they are hexagons.

Markus: Yeah. I think… Okay, here is another nice picture again. So what do we have here? What kind of materials do we have here? So could you just explain in a short on what it's made of?

Robert: Most of it is 316 stainless steel, corrosion resistant type of stainless steel. There's a frame inside the basin that is 316 stainless steel and then a plastic tank that sits on top of it with the water and the pump. Yeah, the outside basin is aluminum powder coated. Yeah, that can be done in a few different colors like you could get it in a black or dark red… Yeah, and that’s the silver color.

Markus: I see, okay.

Robert: Yeah, one with the silver because it seemed to fit with most modern interiors so that's kind of what I used to show it off. But the tile on there, the blue tile is a glass. There’s something different, again, it's pretty different I think from what I've seen other water walls do. A lot of them have the river rocks so I thought that was nice but I just saw the glass looks pretty nice also.

Markus: Yeah, beautiful. Okay, here we can see a little bit more from the mesh and the hexagons. And here we can see some 3d draft. So you also do custom designs?

Robert: Yes, it's the same shape where, now that I've worked out how to disperse the water and how to bend the tubing and everything. You can do custom designs that are bigger, for example that's an oval one so it's a bit different in shape. There's really all different types of shapes I could do. Like I could do something that wasn't exactly a circle. I can bend the tubing in all different directions and probably get it all to work with an even flow so there's a lot of different possibilities if you want a custom one created.

Markus: Oh cool, so I will also show it to my customers, if I have prospects who would you be interested in some special shape. Wonderful, okay. Here we have it again. I think what we can see here is that the water waves are visible from both sides of the fountain, isn't it. Okay, that's cool.

Robert: Right, the mesh isn't suspended in the middle, that's the water flowing down the middle of it. So you could go on either side and you'll see the water flowing pretty clearly. It kind of depends on what the background is from what side you're on, it'll kind of take the colors of the background so yeah there's a lot of different colors you might see depending on what the lighting is.

Markus: Okay, yeah here we can see the waves again. On your website, the customers will also find some videos. Here we have some illumination which can multiply the effect. Now, I like this picture very much because the background window is acting like a mirror or a little bit and you can see that yeah actually it really looks, you can see the beautiful wave from both sides of the fountain.

Robert: Yeah, that was taken pretty much at the end of the day when the sun was low in the sky and there was pretty much gold in sunlight. Like I was saying that the water kind of takes on different colors depending on type of lighting conditions it’s in. So this kind of looks like a lot of gold and jewels are just flowing down.

Markus: Wow. Yeah, so wonderful. Thank you very much. We are not going to tell the price because if anybody is interested in knowing more about your fountain; how much it costs and if there may be some special offers, please go to Because there you have the opportunity to download the brochure with its prices and yeah, we would really appreciate if you go there, click the link below the video or visit the directly. Yeah, to support us and to support Robert and maybe to get some inspiration or to get such an incredible unique water future for you. Yeah, anything else you want to add because you won't believe it we have 11 minutes already talked. So is there… I have maybe a question, is there any special bonuses or special prices? Are they coming up or…? Probably, yes, isn't it. Because this would be one reason more for the people to sign up and get the brochure and be informed, isn't it.

Robert: Yeah, if they sign up, they'll enter their email address and see the prices and then probably some promotional things will be sent along with that.

Markus: Okay. Yeah, and maybe I just want to add, give his gain. So the more you help others, the more it helps you receive yourself. So if you help us selling this water feature, you will get help too so we would really appreciate if you share this video, if you help us make Robert famous and very successful with this ring of water. So, Robert, thank you very much. It was a pleasure for me. I think I said you are in Florida now, isn't it?

Robert: Yes.

Markus: Okay. What time is it?

Robert: It’s 02:05 right now. I’m six hours behind you.

Markus: 02:05? I have 8:05 p.m. yeah. How's the weather?

Robert: It was raining a lot today but the Sun is starting to come out because it's in afternoon. The temperature is probably 87 degrees every day of this month. It's very consistent. 80 Fahrenheit, I can't convert it into Celsius. It's pretty hot. It's still humid and you know it's October here. It probably won't start to feel comfortable until November I guess. Yeah, it’s still nice weather but it's really great in the wintertime.

Markus: Yeah, maybe one day I can visit you in Florida or maybe the customers or the people watching videos or if they want to see your fountain, then they have two reasons to visit you and your good future. Its Florida and it's… But you're an artist, that's what you told me so you don't want to have too much visitors but okay. I'm just trying to find some nice ending. Okay, thank you again very much. So everybody who was watching, thank you for your attention and thank you Robert. Hope to see you soon. Yeah, please visit or click the link below the video to see the videos of Robert’s ring of water. Also please go to and register for free if you want to start your business with water walls or if you want to download free plans or tutorials how to build secure and working water features or maybe you want to start with water wall business as I said. So that's it. Thank you very much. See you soon. Thank you everyone. Bye bye.

Robert: Yeah, thank you.


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